Our Purple Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

Purple Carrots Drama Studio is an inclusive space which encourages growth in self awareness and social skills through the Arts.
Combining elements of expressive arts therapy, drama, dance, visual art and relaxation, we help our participants explore their full potential in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.
Play. Share. Explore.


Purple Carrots strives to provide an accepting and inclusive space where participants can explore their creativity, self-expression, and social interactions through the Arts. We empower our Carrots by helping them recognize and develop their individual strengths, and value their unique talents. Our participants develop self-awareness and social skills that will enhance the quality of the rest of their lives.


Participants of Purple Carrots Drama Studio go out into the world with more confidence in themselves and an ability to make and keep meaningful relationships. They contribute to the creation of a world that recognizes strength in diversity and the Arts.


The Arts: We believe in using the arts to transform and empower individuals in ways that improve their relationship to self, others and the world. 
Play: We see the ability to play as a personal resource for our participants, and aim to support them in developing this skill through our curriculum and facilitation style. 
Fun & Joy:  We believe in teaching through positive reinforcement so that participants are able to acknowledge their own strengths and enjoy socializing with others.
An organic approach to facilitating: We meet participants where they are at, and respond to the challenges and strengths that naturally arise during programs & workshops. 
Compassion:  We spread loving kindness through encouraging compassion for self and others. 
Respect: We respect ourselves and each other by welcoming different learning styles and personalities as we aim to optimize the quality of experience for every student. 
Inclusivity:  We value and celebrate each others’ differences. 
Diversity: We believe in strength in diversity. We recognize that differences between humans can be of mutual benefit to all. 
Community: Our role in social development is to create space for inclusive experiential learning through the Arts. We help our participants become citizens who make significant social contributions that matter to them and to their communities. 
Communication:  We practice open, honest, and transparent communication. We honour the role that good communication plays in building life-long professional relationships, personal friendships and communal trust. 

We are proudly an affiliate member of the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association.