Purple Carrots Counselling

We offer a multitude of one-on-one arts-based services such as skill building, counselling and expressive arts therapeutic sessions for children, youth, and adults of the Purple Carrots community – yes, that includes parents, siblings, caregivers & support!

Sessions are led by members of our multidisciplinary staff team at Purple Carrots Drama Studio, who are available for bookings in their specialized area of expertise or study. These private sessions will focus on developing and addressing an individual’s particular skills, interests, or goals, by using the arts within a concentrated counselling session.

With a multi-talented team of Facilitators, Artists, Educators, Therapists and Counsellors, we aim to ensure that there is something for everyone, and that our individual programming and service options at Purple Carrots Counselling are strength-based, goal oriented, and as beautifully diverse as the community we serve.

Take a look at the list of our professionals and the services they offer below!

Purple Carrots Counsellor Directory

Expressive Arts Therapist, Educator, and Improvisor

Alana Perri

Alana Perri is an Expressive Arts Therapist, Educator, and Improvisor as well as, the Executive Director and Owner of Purple Carrots Drama Studio, and she is always willing to play, share, and explore!

Alana Perri is an Expressive Arts Therapist & Educator, Improvisor, and Baker. She has worked alongside populations experiencing life-altering situations, grief, bereavement, transition, living in palliative & hospice care, emotional regulation, as well as, simply coping with the struggles of everyday life. Additionally, she’s been acting and improvising ever since she could say ‘yes and’!

She is the Executive Director & Owner of Purple Carrots Drama Studio (Canada), providing Arts-based programming specialized in diverse neurological & physical abilities. Previously, she was a part of the Expressive Arts facilitation team at Mohawk College; educating students on the topic of integrating Expressive Arts into treatment for those living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She then returned to her Alma Mater, in the Dramatic Arts Department at Brock University as faculty, facilitating the course Movement: Applications for Education & Theatre.

Alana's goal is to educate & provide Expressive Arts to anyone willing to play, share, and explore!
She is a professional member in good standing with the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

Improv 101
Expressive Arts Therapy

IMPROV $60 per hour session
EXAT $100 per hour session*
*financing options available

Monday (10a-6p), Tuesday (10a-6p), Wednesday (am only)
Virtual programming available

Theatre Artist and Child & Youth Counsellor

Eliza Martin

Eliza Martin is a Toronto based actor, writer, arts educator and award-winning solo performer.


Eliza is a theatre artist and child and youth care practitioner (M.A. CYC). She offers one-on-one creative skill building services for all ages, as well as therapeutic services for children and youth. Eliza offers child and youth counselling, as well as emotional regulation skill building using arts-based, mindfulness-based, and nature-based interventions for neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals. Eliza's approach to therapeutic work is deeply relational, strength-based, and trauma-informed.

Child and Youth Counselling*
Emotional Regulation Skill building
Therapeutic Dramatic Play*
Therapeutic Nature Exploration
Therapeutic Clowning*
Monologue Coaching
Monologue Composition
Solo Theatre Show Creation

*available to ages 18 and under ONLY

Counselling: $70 per hour
Drama coaching services: $60 per hour
Sliding scale available

Tuesdays 5-9 PM and Fridays 1:30pm-6:30 PM, or upon request
Virtual sessions available - hours available upon request

Theatre Artist and Coach

Jordan Campbell

Jordan Campbell is a theatre and dance artist offering one-on-one coaching and training sessions to develop skills in acting, movement/dance, voice, mindfulness and creation.

Jordan Campbell is a theatre and dance artist offering one-on-one coaching and training sessions to develop skills in acting, movement/dance, voice, mindfulness and creation. In over four years with Purple Carrots, Jordan has gained extensive experience working with a wide range of neurodiverse children and youth; developing their skills as performers and actors, as well as working on social skills. He's picked up and practised Expressive Arts techniques through Purple Carrots, as well as his own personal therapy and an introductory course with the European Graduate School. Jordan has also worked as a filmmaker in his own practise and with Purple Carrots students, and can facilitate the creation of a film to explore acting, creation or social skills.
Jordan is excited to share his breadth of experience in the arts with Purple Carrots students in this counselling format.

One-on-one training/coaching sessions in theatre, dance, movement, voice, acting, relaxation/meditation
Expressive arts techniques
Creative skill building (developing skills as a performance creator)
Creative problem solving (working through social challenges)
Film Creation: work with me to create a solo film project

$80 per session
Sliding scale available

Upon request
Virtual sessions available

Expressive Arts Therapist, Visual Artist & Community Collaborator

Georgia Fullerton

Georgia Fullerton is a professional Visual Artist, Expressive Arts Therapist, Public Speaker and Community Collaborator.

Georgia Fullerton is a professional Visual Artist, Expressive Arts Therapist, Public Speaker and Community Collaborator. She is a board member for The Robert McLaughlin Gallery and sits on the Program Advisory Committee for the School of Media Art & Design at Durham Colleges’ Oshawa campus. Engaging all sides of her creative prowess Georgia loves to live artfully and believes in empathy and artmaking as life skills.

Expressive Arts Therapy
DBT Skills Coaching

EXAT - $110 / one hour session
DBT - $40 / 30-minute session
Sliding Scale Available

Available Upon Request
Online sessions

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Music Therapist, Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Singer-Songwriter

Michaela Bekenn

Michaela Bekenn (she/her/they) is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), music therapist, certified sound therapy practitioner, yoga instructor, meditation guide, and singer-songwriter.

SERVICES (available in-home and virtually)
Psychotherapy (verbal and music therapy based approaches)
Sound Therapy (customized sound baths)
Voice Work (find your authentic voice, intuitive singing lessons)
Yoga (gentle, stretch-based, flow)
Dance (expressing emotion and telling stories through movement)
Meditation and Mindfulness (breath work, cultivating focus and present-moment awareness)

PRICING (counselling/coaching)
$90 per hour session (virtual)
$100 per hour session (in person)

PRICING (psychotherapy)
$150/h (50 minutes)*
*limited sliding scale spots available, starting at $120/h (50 minutes)
*please check with your insurance provider if psychotherapy is covered under your insurance plan*

DISCLAIMER: NOT all Counselling Professionals provide psychotherapy services.

In-Person services Available
Virtual Services Available via Zoom

Counselling services will not be available on National holidays or during office closures.
Availability is dependent on each professionals schedule.
Confirmation & reminders will be sent via email with your appointment dates & time.
CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to cancel your appointment, please notify us no later than 24 hours before your appointment.
Cancellation fees may apply.
ADDITIONAL FEES: all transactions will include a non-negotiable 10% administrative fee + 13% HST

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